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When LJ popped me a YM message to guest on her radio show’s episode on blogging, I was a bit hesitant. Although I’ve been blogging (sporadically) since 2004, I am nowhere near being an expert on the subject! But LJ’s charms (ahem!) and our organizations’ long-standing partnership (ahem! ahem!) prevailed in the end.

So there I was, in the radio studio this morning, trying to sound coherent, taking pains not to mispronounce, translating my thoughts to Filipino as fast as I could — all while ignoring the urge to clear my throat (since I wasn’t sure whether to press the yellow or the red button to mute my mic!) The interaction went pretty well, I think. LJ and co-host Kuya Lem asked very good (and easy!) questions, which I hoped I answered satisfactorily. Before I knew it, our time was up and we had to wind down.

Last night, in anticipation of additional traffic on this site as a result of the radio guesting, I felt the urge to review three years’ worth of posts and start deleting those that seem too telling or mushy! The thought of being read by more strangers made me squirm a little inside. Then I remembered one of my earliest posts, titled “Stripping,” about why I decided to blog despite the awkwardness of baring heart and soul in a public blog. That jolted me back to my senses. So don’t worry, every post before the radio thing is still here. Uncensored — except for the one about… never mind 🙂

Thanks, LJ, for having me on your show! (And for giving me something to blog about, thus ending my nearly month-long blogging dry spell.)

As for you, new reader, welcome to my sillyserious soliloquies. May I have the pleasure of eavesdropping on your blog, too? What?! You don’t have a blog yet? Why, start one now! Blog, blog, blog! 😉

Meet Aleks, a blogging advocate. Not bad, eh? 😉


  1. Uy, blog celeb na gyud diay ka, congrats!! So what did you talk about on air???

    blog celeb? not even close! was feeling a bit embarrassed actually. but it turned out to be fun 🙂 we talked about why people blog, what kinds of blogs there are, how often i post (hah!), etc. 🙂 btw, have u seen your pinky-fied blog? as u have requested 🙂 sillyserious


  2. hi po! narinig ko ung sa dzas. 🙂 cool nman po ung mga sagot nyo. kakatuwa e! amazing! featured pa sa youngblood! mbb pa! upd? astig naman! ge po! Godbless! tinignan ko lang. in-announce nyo kasi sa radio. waha. 🙂

    salamat sa pagdalaw, pristine 🙂 may blog ka ba? sillyserious


  3. Why didn’t you tell us in advane about your radio guesting? We could have tuned in to listen to you talk about blogging. Anyway, congrats! TV’s next. Wow.

    hey niko! TV? malabo 🙂 thanks for dropping by despite the dry spell here. hehe. sillyserious


  4. Sooo, charming na ako ngayon? He3! Seriously Papa Alex, thanks for the silly & serious (parang blog mo :)) pero insightful moments & tips you’ve shared with us & our listeners. Mucho thanks din for the books & counseling session, este writing course pala. 🙂

    Next time LOVELIFE naman featured theme natin. Bawal magback-out! Blessings!

    Lj & Lem

    Kelan mo ko paka-kapehin? (naisingit pa…)

    hey, lj! blogging na lang uli ang topic! haha! mas madali. boring lablyf ko, pramis 🙂 the kopi treat still stands whenever u’re ready 😉 sillyserious


  5. if anything, ur blogs scares me off : can’t write like you do, don’t possibly have anything fascinating to say, no geeky gadgets to name..on and on 🙂

    You know that’s just my way of saying I’m a HUGE fan and i luv ya! sori wala ko ngparamdam..diha bya ko Pinas for a coupla months, just got back.

    hey ep! onga, i heard u were in town, after u left na. hmp… next time? 🙂 sillyserious


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