the teddy mark

At the pedestrian entrance of the Land Transportation Office on East Ave, a strange man screens everyone who seeks entry into the government agency’s grounds. He is imposing, like a seasoned sentry of an imperial palace. He sits behind a glass window and speaks into a microphone. (That alone should warn you not to get into an argument with him.)

Ano’ng pakay mo? (What’re you here for?)” his voice booms from the sound system, and I suspect everyone within a one-kilometer radius hears.

“Student permit po,” I answer, deciding it is wiser to play meek visitor rather than arrogant tax payer. But that doesn’t mean I don’t wish I brought a megaphone or my neighbor’s portable karaoke system–just to even the playing field a little.

The Guardian doesn’t turn me away, unlike what he did to the two men before me. Instead, he grabs my right hand before I can even think of protesting, and then stamps on my palm the blue image of…

…a teddy bear!

I have been marked for entry. He points to the gate with his pursed lips and the guard there steps aside to let me in. In less than an hour, I get my student permit. The process is quite efficient, to my delight (and great surprise?).

Must be the teddy magic.

So. What is the very first step to getting a student driving permit? Why, of course, get a teddy bear stamp on your palm.


(Thanks for emailing me the pic, Shii!)



  1. I just gotta see the teddy mark with the “I ‘heart’ you” in the middle of the image! Imagine a six-footer with a cute stamp on his palm, haha!

    To Jen, ako na lang ang sasagot, blue po si Teddy.:-)

    HAHA! well, u saw it 😉 ain’t it cute? hehe… sillyserious


  2. I had a good laugh! I thought it’s one of those stories about our corrupt government system and the way you described the imposing man behind the glass window, like a seasoned sentry, suspense! And then he gives you a teddy bear stamp hahaha.

    hey, ggie! mabuhay ang LTO sampu ng kanilang mga teddy bear stamps! took some effort for me not to burst out laughing while i was there. hehe. 😛 sillyserious


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