the psychology behind changing templates

I’ve swapped templates too many times and so impulsively I fear I may have induced migraine in some of you. I’m feeling a bit dizzy myself, so let’s call it even.

What’s with the blog template schizophrenia? I guess it’s how I cope when I know I should be posting but am stuck in a rut. Changing the template disturbs the dust and downplays the lack of new material. Good thing is sometimes the new look does inspire a post or two, in much the same way as redecorating your cubicle or bedroom naturally stimulates new ideas.

It’s curious that I can’t seem to stick with one template for too long. Maybe I have commitment issues? Oh dear.


  1. I can’t stick to one desktop wallpaper—and I am sure I would change templates just as often if I knew how…I must have commitment issues, too!! πŸ˜‰

    let’s create a support group! hehe… πŸ˜€ sillyserious


  2. Before I read this post, “Brand equity” was my topic in my Marketing class. Changing blog headers often does not build brand equity, I told my sleepy class.

    They woke up and asked, “What has brand equity got to do with blogging?”

    “Why do you blog?” I asked back.

    “Wala lang. Trip lang.”

    Hahaha! Did I miss anything there?

    One big generation away,
    ate grace


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