I’m panting. Or at least I think I should be. Just finished a marathon project that demanded headache-inducing focus, snappy wordsmithing, and extra swiftness with the computer mouse! In the haste, I fear I was a bit rude and cranky to workmates, shutting them off and not making eye contact because of this “rushian” task. Finished it just in time, but, boy, do I feel rusty! I don’t feel particularly proud about the outcome, but I think it’s decent given the constraints. Guess I need to workout those creative and mental muscles some more…

A realization: When the going gets tough at the work, it really helps to be able to draw from an inner reserve of purpose and reason for doing what I’m doing. Because when I really think about it, it’s not about impressing the boss or feeling exhilarated about a job well done. It’s about giving God glory–even in the mind-stretching and energy-sapping “rushian” tasks that spring up during the work day.

Thankfully, grace abounds–yes, even for control freaks 🙂

(Was supposed to rant about being stressed. Maybe next time.)


  1. Know what you mean..I am not the nicest person in the world when I am rushing or stressed..:-( Buti na lang, my officemates love me unconditionally, hehe.

    that’s nice to know nga, gypsy 🙂 sillyserious


  2. I was a monster for over 20 years. Only grace made people see the inner (kinder) side of me. They’ve remained friends.

    Love, ate grace

    u a monster? that’s unimaginable for me, ate grace. sillyserious 🙂


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