Imprecatory. Now there’s a word I don’t remember ever using. And when it describes a prayer—as in imprecatory prayer—it’s the kind I would never have thought of praying. Click over to and you’ll find imprecatory defined, using its root verb imprecate: “to invoke or call down (evil or curses), as upon a person.”

Now, what godly person would do that, pray ill of another? Well, there’s King David—the man after God’s own heart. Besieged by enemies on all fronts, he cried out to God without holding back, pouring his heart out to Him with the rawest of emotions… and the result? Imprecatory prayers spread all over the Psalms. Here’s a sample: May their eyes be darkened so they cannot see, and their backs be bent forever. That’s one of the milder ones, really.

A recent event has made me want to pray all of David’s imprecatory prayers, coupled with some of my very own choice pronouncements involving all sorts of distress and mishaps upon a cowardly creature. I was sharing with my sister online the pain and rage of being falsely accused. My chest was pounding and my breathing heavy as I madly tapped on the keyboard, recounting the incident to my sister. Take it up with God in prayer, cry out to Him, came her advice. Her wisdom was a blessing.

I realize that what I really need is not the downfall of my offender, for what lasting good will an enemy’s blinded sight or bent back achieve? What I truly need is to rest in God’s presence, bringing my pain to Him as honestly as I can, allowing Him to minister to me, and ultimately making room for Him to reveal His glory in my circumstance.

When we cry out to God in the face of injustice or assault, it’s not because we feel like we are at the mercy of what others can do to us. It is a way of receiving His tender mercies and finding in Him grace that is sufficient and peace that passes all understanding.

It’s only for the weak
For the faint of heart
Those driven to their knees
Those who live with scars
There’s power from beyond,
We’re certain where it’s from
And that’s our source of strength
Before we follow Christ
We need to be advised
It’s only for the weak
-from Only for the Weak, a song by Avalon




  1. I can go as far as “matisod ka sana”….hmmm okay to be honest minsan meron ding “mabangga ka sana”…pero kung super galit na ako “mabangga ka sana at pumangit!!!”

    pero you’re right…it’s not really the best revenge.

    haha! natawa ako dun ah! iba ka talaga, verns 😉 sillyserious


  2. Yeah, makes me want to think if a parental rating should be added to some parts of the Old Testament so that it won’t be taught in Sunday School, yet…

    Hope Your Feeling Ok na Aleks 😀

    hey, hoop! oo nga, the bible is such an honest book – a far cry from the cutesy text that many think it is… feeling better now, bro. salamant 🙂 sillyserious


  3. due to recent unfortunate events, a friend of mine got me acquainted with “imprecatory” prayer… sabi ko, pwede naman pala yon… but i got as far as, “Lord, please BREAK them…” nothing really morbid or gory in my mind… but I ended up saying “… until they turn to You…”

    i dont really know how this whole imprecatory prayer works.. i guess, it has to do a lot with how your heart is… do you want to call down curse on someone for the sake of revenge… or because you see that it’s the only recourse for them to turn to God & see how powerful He is… haaaaay…

    im glad to know you’re blogging again… i hope i can get back to blogging again… i’ve long been in a yearlong blogging hiatus… sigh!

    hey, ai! thanks for ur thoughts… i really hope u blog again 🙂 sillyserious


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