1. Haay, speaking of which, I feel like I have chicken brain–nothing of what I am reading makes sense–or is it because these scholars can’t write?! Hmp.

    hmmm… chicken scholarly writing and reading… can’t help you with that, gyps! you’re on your own! hehe 😉 sillyserious


  2. Love the cartoon! I thought the chicken was pretty cool myself!!! Step 2 is very familiar!!!

    ah! yet another coffee aficionado. what would life be without step 2, eh? 😉 sillyserious


  3. i see you’ve changed blog templates yet again. haha =) i myself need to summon all willpower not to keep changing layouts once a week =) btw, i have found a very nice, open-sky moment recently. it was in panglao, bohol, and just in case you havent been there (for me it was my first time) i hope you get yourself to that place someday too. =)

    guilty as charged. i fail the “marshmallow test” when it comes to blog templates. i haven’t been to panglao, bohol. and now i want to go there someday and experience an open-sky moment! 😀 sillyserious


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