If you’re like me when you go see a movie, you make sure you don’t miss the trailers before (or after) the main feature. Trailers are works of art all their own—so much fun to watch, dangling before us the promise of adventure, drama, or what not. Of course, in function they’re nothing more than ads, the perfect marketing ploy to keep us movie buffs coming back to the dark room: We see a coming-soon film that catches our fancy, and we declare, while licking popcorn cheese stains off our fingers, “I am so gonna watch that!” That’s exactly how it was for me when I saw the trailer for Vantage Point last month.

This weekend, I finally saw Vantage Point, starring Dennis Quaid, Sigourney Weaver, Matthew Fox, and Forrest Whitaker. And I’m still trying to catch my breath. The last time I had to remind myself to breathe in front of the wide screen was while watching Matrix 2’s breathtaking freeway chase scene. (I still get dizzy thinking about it!)

The drama and action of Vantage Point are so palpable I had goosebumps and a lump in my throat almost all throughout the film! I’m no film critic, but I think I know good storytelling when I see one. And this one’s fantastic! Although I think the ending wasn’t able to measure up to the bombastic start and middle, it did tie all the loose ends in a beautiful knot that could leave your mouth gaping, while your pulse is still elevated from the previous scenes’ adrenaline rush. I guess there has to be a point when the wild ride ends and your blood pressure normalizes. Otherwise there’ll be reports of heart attacks in cinemas worldwide!

Don’t wait for the DVD. Go spend your hard-earned moolah on this one. It’s so worth the ride—if only for when the tiny hairs on your nape stand on end every time the bomb explodes! While you’re at it, don’t miss the trailers.

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  1. hi bro,
    it’s been months since i checked my blog. couldn’t help but miss writing, a lot.

    yeah, kinda do the same thing too as i watch trailers just before the movie. the one i caught lately was while i was watching Spiderwick Chronicles… now that was one movie that made me scream and enjoy the images too… next was the “feel good” flick of Gerard Butler and Hilary Swank… one of the fews that can really melt a lady’s heart… next flick to watch… hmmm Kung Fu Panda….hehehhe… when you just need to luagh out loud and cry while doing so.

    was supposed to watch spiderwick today, but opted to stay in instead. now i regret not going out to see it. this week maybe…hehe. glad u’re blogging again! 🙂 sillyserious


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