‘welrusten’ – i think

My coworkers and I took a visiting Dutch guy to the TriNoMa mall tonight. Over crepe and hot drinks, he asked us about the Tagalog translation for good night. And we were stumped. The closest we could come up with was magandang gabi—which is actually good evening.

Hmm… Ano nga ba?

He ended up teaching us how to say good night in Dutch instead. If I remember correctly what he wrote on the table napkin, it’s welrusten. Now remembering how it’s spelled is one thing; getting the pronunciation right is quite another. I tried hard but couldn’t quite get it right.

I remember from one of my college classes that past a certain age, we become deaf to certain consonant sounds that are not in our native language. Maybe that cut-off is thirty.

One more week to go before I say welrusten to my twenties and wake up to a new decade.

(Got a text from my Dutch friend after posting this entry. It’s “welterusten.” I knew it didn’t look quite right! Aaagh.)


  1. LOL hahahah ok na sana ang drama eh, mali pa spelling. oh come on kuya, you’re a self-proclaimed geek. you should have googled first or something. hehehe.

    u mock me, riz! haha! i did google, but since it was misspelled, i couldn’t get the right hits. i tried the online translation sites. no luck there either. so there. hehe 😉 sillyserious


  2. Hehe, and i think its pronounced as Vel-tee-rus-ten right? Im trying to learn German and the cut off age is 26 not 30… i really can’t pronounce the umlauts and all the funny sounding letters. Pronouncing the W as V, the V as F, the J as Y and the Z as Zed.. aarghh! I am sticking to BISAYA! Mas walay libog! Ooopss.. I totally forgot, libog in tagalog means a different thing.

    Libog in cebuano means confused/confusing. Hehe. 🙂

    learning german? way cool! 🙂 foreign languages are fascinating… if only my fascination had been coupled with patience to learn. hehe. and thank you for clarifying ur use of “libog” – for the sake of the tagalog readers! haha! today, i was trying to say “god bless you” in dutch… the ‘g’ sound is a killer! aaagh! sillyserious


  3. hehehe i liked this post. Reminded me of Angel when he asked me whats the tagalog for “have a good day today.” Nasabi ko nalang hindi ko sure. LOL.

    hahaha! 😀 sillyserious


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