eyes age

A middle-aged lady came to the bookshop needing help with the audio bible that she had purchased from us. Being a tech enthusiast (read: geek-wannabe), I was asked by the retail manager to see if I could help address her concern.

Turns out, Lady Customer had issues loading the audio bible files onto her iPod. She brought along her laptop and the audio CDs. I asked to take a look, pulling the laptop screen closer to my eyes and squinting at the small display.

Me: Pasensya na po (Please excuse me), I’m nearsighted.

LC: You should wear glasses then.

Me: Oh, I have contact lenses on.

LC: Ah, si ser nagpapakabata…(sir is trying to look young, I see…)

Me: Bata pa po ako! (I’m still young!)

I might have sounded a tad too defensive. I was simply amused, really. Later she shared that she had problems with her eyesight, which was why she bought an audio bible.

Thank you for clarifying. No offense taken.


7 thoughts on “eyes age”

  1. So you’re saying this middle-aged lady called you “sir?” Something wrong with her eyes, too, I gather..hehe…

    hehe šŸ™‚ sillyserious

  2. Everybody’s tech support ka talaga. šŸ™‚ Promise, I won’t comment about your “trying-to-look-young,” as wrongfully assumed by the customer, if you help me with my tech concerns. Or I can “pay” you in kind, as in my kindness. hehe.

    hahaha! u know u don’t have to blackmail me into helping you, beng šŸ™‚ just ask the ducks! šŸ˜€ peace! sillyserious

  3. “MAtanda” is relative. For all you know she thought you’re already 21. Too old for her.

    u have a point there, bai šŸ˜‰ hehe… šŸ™‚ sillyserious

  4. Hey, Aleks,

    You must really be soooo busy. You haven’t blogged in two months! Awaiting your next post . . .

  5. Lex,

    I remember nanay when he called you “Brod”… Baka she meant “Brad” as in Brad Pitt. šŸ™‚ See I’m being nice to you now.

    Haha! Too nice… Now I’m suspicious… šŸ˜‰ sillyserious

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