eyes age

A middle-aged lady came to the bookshop needing help with the audio bible that she had purchased from us. Being a tech enthusiast (read: geek-wannabe), I was asked by the retail manager to see if I could help address her concern.

Turns out, Lady Customer had issues loading the audio bible files onto her iPod. She brought along her laptop and the audio CDs. I asked to take a look, pulling the laptop screen closer to my eyes and squinting at the small display.

Me: Pasensya na po (Please excuse me), I’m nearsighted.

LC: You should wear glasses then.

Me: Oh, I have contact lenses on.

LC: Ah, si ser nagpapakabata…(sir is trying to look young, I see…)

Me: Bata pa po ako! (I’m still young!)

I might have sounded a tad too defensive. I was simply amused, really. Later she shared that she had problems with her eyesight, which was why she bought an audio bible.

Thank you for clarifying. No offense taken.


  1. So you’re saying this middle-aged lady called you “sir?” Something wrong with her eyes, too, I gather..hehe…

    hehe šŸ™‚ sillyserious


  2. Everybody’s tech support ka talaga. šŸ™‚ Promise, I won’t comment about your “trying-to-look-young,” as wrongfully assumed by the customer, if you help me with my tech concerns. Or I can “pay” you in kind, as in my kindness. hehe.

    hahaha! u know u don’t have to blackmail me into helping you, beng šŸ™‚ just ask the ducks! šŸ˜€ peace! sillyserious


  3. “MAtanda” is relative. For all you know she thought you’re already 21. Too old for her.

    u have a point there, bai šŸ˜‰ hehe… šŸ™‚ sillyserious


  4. Hey, Aleks,

    You must really be soooo busy. You haven’t blogged in two months! Awaiting your next post . . .


  5. Lex,

    I remember nanay when he called you “Brod”… Baka she meant “Brad” as in Brad Pitt. šŸ™‚ See I’m being nice to you now.

    Haha! Too nice… Now I’m suspicious… šŸ˜‰ sillyserious


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