week ends

Monday morning comes uninvited. I groan and grunt, wooing arthritic limbs to motion. Long week ahead, my man, I say to the half-awake face in the mirror. I rub my chin to feel if I need or want a shave. My mind shakes off sleep, boots up and generates a list of things that need my attention in the days ahead: work issues to be resolved, laundry to be sorted, meetings to be organized, people to text or call, new toothbrush to be bought, family errands to run… Okay, God. Me need you.

And then it’s Friday afternoon. I feel a nagging ache on my upper back – definitely from spending too much time hunched over a computer. Note to self: Massage tomorrow. I look at my to-do list and feel good about items I’ve ticked off. Not bad, my man. A sip, maybe two, of now-cold coffee is all that’s left in my maroon mug. My desk is strewn with paper, books, pens, folders. There’s still more to be done… and yet the weekend winks invitingly.

One more email, a deep TGIF sigh, and then I’m yours, Friday.

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