If, on some Friday afternoon, you feel the inexplicable urge to back up all your laptop files (including your precious email data), you would do well to heed that still small voice. Because soon after, say the following Tuesday, you could be walking back to your office from a meeting, with laptop, power cord, and assorted paper in your hands. And, who knows, you just might trip. (That little hump near your door isn’t as harmless as it looks, you know.)

In slow-mo you see your laptop escape your hands, succumb to gravity, and hit the floor. Your mind switches to denial mode and tells you this isn’t happening, you’re just dreaming. But the loud thud–no, BANG!–is more than enough to jolt you (and everyone within earshot) out of any dream or denial. You seriously think a cardiac arrest is not far behind.

Next day, you’re back working on your laptop, as though nothing tragic happened the day before. Until you notice the new paper weight on your desk, which looks uncannily like a hard disk. Then you remember yesterday’s painful credit card swipe at the repair shop. But you don’t forget to be thankful that your laptop, the trusty keeper of your productivity and sanity, does not have amnesia and is recovering quite splendidly from its accident and subsequent transplant surgery.

Now you’re considering belief in premonition.


  1. oh no!!! a laptop’s worst nightmare! hope it recovered nicely (unlike your credit card :- ( )

    laptop’s back to normal now. whew. sillyserious 🙂


  2. Hmmm. . . sounds like a movie title?
    Glad you laptop recovered so you could blog about it :). I’m sure it feels famous for the mention, and glad to be your trusty tool of communication to the outside world of blogging, websites and other interseting time consumers. 😉

    ey, amz! thanks for dropping by. bored? 😀 thanks for the blast-from-the-past pics! sillyserious


  3. Oh yes, heed that still small voice! Also that small voice that tells you you’re hungry…

    haha! 😉 sillyserious


  4. lol, pati ako inatake ata sa puso, reading your post. haha. losing all your files over a hard disk crash is the worst. I should know, ack. 🙂


  5. Pero kuya aleks, pahabol, parang one in a million naman ata ung matapilok at mahagis ung laptop. galing mo! 😛

    haha! nakabukas kasi sya and resting on my palm… so dumulas when i tripped :/ sillyserious


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