my new macbook is old

So the rumors buzzing in Mac-themed sites are true after all. One month after getting my white MacBook (which I named Zak), Steve Jobs and friends launch new and improved MacBooks!

Swanky aluminum case. Glorious glass screen. Multi-touch (and buttonless!) trackpad. Faster. Better. Cooler. See for yourself here.

Someone needs an extra-strong shot of contentment.


  1. Mock you??? For being sad after getting a new comp???? No one would ever dare such a thing ;). Zak will be very offended if you leave him this soon.

    haha! don’t worry, i’m sticking it out with zak. 😀 sillyserious


  2. Kating-kati na ako. Gusto ko nang bumili!!! Pero tutulugan ko muna ng maraming, maraming gabi. Mahirap ang padalos-dalos. Hehe.

    kamutin na ang makati! kaluta na ang katol! hehe… it will be sweet when u get ur mac, abaniko. excited for u! :p sillyserious


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