“What would you ask God if you were face to face with Him now?”

I threw the question to an all-female audience of National Book Store staff. It was my little ice breaker during our publishing company’s product presentation to them. Anyone who would come forward to answer the question would win a copy of Philip Yancey’s Where is God When it Hurts?, one of several products we were promoting.

I was being the chirpy presenter who unleashed punch lines incessantly to sustain the audience’s interest. But the mood would change dramatically as some brave ladies shared their questions for God with misty eyes:

“Why did You take my mother away?”

“Why aren’t You granting our desire to have another child? My husband and I want one so bad…”

“Why did my premature baby have to die? If he had been born a day later he would have stood a chance…”

After they shared their very personal stories, many in the audience were dabbing their eyes with tissue. I confess, there was a growing lump in my throat too.

It’s interesting how our questions for God often begin with why. We want explanations, reasons, justifications. We long to understand. And yet, many times there are no clear answers from Him. We don’t hear a booming voice that enumerates the reasons for our circumstances. There’s no bright vision to enlighten us so we can make perfect sense of our pain.

I think of Job’s experience. He wanted answers to his why-am-I-suffering questions. Although God responded to Him audibly, He did not dish out point-blank answers. Instead God drew Job’s attention to His identity and heart, as if to say, “You do not see the whole picture. Even if I explained, you wouldn’t understand. All you need is Me. I am God, and I am with you in your pain.”

Maybe that’s not the answer we want, but the one we need.


  1. hi!
    u don’t know but i know u from cheloy…
    don’t worry, di ako stalker,hehe…
    sabi niya i need 2 check out ur blogsite daw, so i did and read ur most recent post…

    dami ko rin questions to God lately but u’r right. sometimes He chooses 2 b quiet because most of the time our heart already holds the answer. makulit lang tayo minsan eh, lalo na ako…=)

    yun lang…God bless!
    btw, i do enjoy eavesdropping on u..^^

    hey there! thanks for dropping by. cheloy is a good friend 🙂 miss ko na nga yun. ok lang makulit kay God, i think. our asking questions is in itself an act of faith. 🙂 sillyserious


  2. I saw from my blogstats that you checked my blog about God Questions…I hope you also noticed the one called Mistaken Identity….it’s another thought about the Why Questions…just from the other side.


    hi sherrey! yes i hopped over to ur blog, thanks to wordpress’s automatically generated list of possibly related entries 🙂 but it was a dead-end; the post didn’t show. but i managed to read some of ur posts! u have a beautiful family. God bless! 🙂 sillyserious

    update: i finally found ur ‘god questions’ entry 🙂


  3. I guess its human nature to want closure on any issue–even if it is an answer we dont like, we would ‘probably’ be satisfied as long as we get some reasons. But as you say, with God nothing is ever cut and dried which is oftentimes frustrating but well, I guess we will have to wait til we get to the other side to get some answers–but by then–I wonder if we would even remember our questions!

    i wonder too, gypsy 🙂 sillyserious


  4. Wala na kong maalalang questions sa dinami-dami ng naging questions ko… but anyway, i have learned in life that– the more important thing here is not knowing why suffering happened, but knowing the God who knows why suffering happens.
    yun lang po. bow. =D

    coming from someone who has known all kinds of suffering (there’s a reason why u’re called ‘job-a’…. hehe), those words are doubly meaningful. knowing God is all that matters, yes… 🙂 sillyserious


  5. “Even if I explained, you wouldn’t understand.”>>> i strongly agree with this. many people still look at God as if he is just a human being. there are things that our mind (human mind) cannot comprehend because God is simply god. even in the bible i mentioned that the best human mind is not even a bit of God’s mind.

    this post teaches us to trust God. that’s why faith is very very important.

    thanks to this post. “God is all that matters” – a lot of people miss this point.

    hi dong ho! thanks for dropping by… interestingly, when we realize that God is ‘the Other’ who is infinitely different from us and yet chooses to love us, the more things seem to make sense 🙂

    dropped by ur blog, btw. great pics! 🙂 sillyserious


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