who knows

God knows us.

Our Creator really knows us—completely and perfectly. The implication of this truth is at once amazing and comforting: because God knows us, He is able to hear the prayer within the prayer, peeling layer upon layer until He exposes the real plea of our soul.

When you ask God to free you from an ungodly habit, He may answer by revealing to you how deeply you have let pride take root or by prompting you to serve others more.  The connection and relevance elude you so that you wonder, Isn’t God paying attention? Doesn’t He understand my prayer, my need?

Of course, He is paying attention. Of course, He understands. But because of His intimate knowledge of us, His answers to our prayers—if we perceive them at all—oftentimes seem strange, irrelevant, and missing the mark. Then the Great Teacher opens our eyes (and since He knows us, He does this very personally so that there is no mistaking), and we realize that His ways are much higher, His mercy greater, His answers better—no, perfect.

For He does not respond only to the prayers worded inadequately by our lips; He satisfies the prayer groaned and moaned by our very spirit.

Praise God He knows us!

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