I was rummaging through my closet in search of a shirt to wear to my dinner date with the Girlfriend. Without much thought, I pulled out the pink (“salmon,” actually, but it looks pink to me) polo shirt. While I was putting it on, I realized that this was the same shirt, our retreat commemorative uniform, that I wore around this time last year when I was marooned with co-workers in a bus at the height of Ondoy.

Has it been a year?

To my shame, I can’t even remember the exact date now, and it took a shirt to remind me of that sad day. But for many Metro Manila dwellers who had lost much—the lives of loved ones included—to Ondoy’s flood waters, every day can be a constant reminder. May the Lord continue to be merciful to them, and may their sadness continue to be dimmed by the light of our loving acts.


  1. The date is September 26. Yes, it’s been a year but our house still shows the effect of that day. Needless to say, the heart and the mind remembers the trauma of that day and only by the grace of God can we move on in faith that He who holds our lives is mighty to save. We are grateful that we are still here to serve Him and live for Him.


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