david wannabe

The humble will see their God at work and be glad. Let all who seek God’s help live in joy. For the LORD hears the cries of his needy ones; he does not despise his people who are oppressed.
~Psalm 69:32-33

I like David. He is a passionate man. He dances in public (much to his wife’s consternation). He utters imprecatory prayers in his despair. He cries out to God unabashed. He does not shy away from battle, from the burden of kingship. He is imperfect. But it did not need perfection to be called “man after God’s own heart.”

I have a guess: I think what endeared David to God was his tenderness towards Him. David understood that before the Almighty One, the most appropriate posture is prostrate. David knew that before the All-Wise One all his knowledge is foolishness. David bowed his heart as much as he could before God. And the LORD lifted him up. Because when God exalted David, He exalted Himself—for David attributed all his victories to God.

I want to be like David in how he related with God. I want to dwell in His presence and not think of ever leaving. I want to be content in Him, like a lamb feels secure in its shepherd’s care. I want to be humble when confronted by God’s truth, not to cover up my sin but to expose it to the light of God’s shining holiness so He may restore (no matter how painful the process). I want to feel the weight of God’s calling and yet know that obeying Him is light compared to the sickening burden of disobedience.

I wanna be David, the Aleks edition.

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