blogger whines

I am convinced more than ever that Facebook and Twitter have both conspired to fan the nasty flames of my blogging indolence. (And, yes, they’re also to blame for my heightened self-centeredness and paranoia.)

I woke up one dark morning and realized I could not write more than 140 characters at a time. Horrors!

Worse, any attempt at “long-distance” writing is frequently interrupted by the urge—nay, need—to check friends’ post so I can “like”, comment, retweet, or get lost following links to pictures, videos, articles, or what-not.

Don’t forget to punctuate with an apt emoticon: 🙂 :/ 😛 😀 ❤ or “hehe”, “haha”, or “huhu.” I don’t use “LOL”.

I have never been a consistent blogger to begin with, but since my love affair with social media’s mini-posts, the inconsistency has intensified to an alarming level.

Believe me, I have not taken the matter sitting down. Well, maybe I have, but only literally: I’ve sat in front of my computer many times in the past month attempting to break the blogging dry spell.

I struggled, despaired, and self-pitied (more than usual), only to churn out half-a-dozen drafts, each never maturing to more than a few sentences.

I’ve read articles—yes, picked up from friends’ FB and Twitter links—that bemoan or celebrate the way social networking media is dramatically changing the way humans (at least the chunk of humanity that has a modem) are thinking, learning, and relating. And writing!

Oh I feel the change.

See, this blog post even looks like a patchwork of Facebook status messages and tweets.

Woe is @aleks_tan.

Then again, maybe that’s the way to win the battle to regain blogging and “long-distance” writing momentum.

Think of each sentence or two as an independent mini-post.

Assemble and then hope the end product resembles something readable, understandable, even “like”-able.



  1. sounds familiar… fb status updates and tweeting does seem to have a negative effect on full length blogs. =(
    after 4 months of not writing ANY blog post, i finally gave in and settled for shorter entries. I just wanted to get used to writing (non thesis-related) again, and exercise my writing skills.
    so far, I’ve been posting 3 “word snapshots,” or 3 Blessings Today at my site almost daily since the beginning of March. I was inspired by the blog 3 Beautiful Things. =)
    It has an added benefit: I now have to consciously keep track of the things I have to be thankful for each day. Lessens my whining. =)
    Hope you get back on track with your writing.


    1. Hey, Tarits! Blogging misery loves company 🙂 But you seem to have overcome with your “three blessings” posts. Great strategy! I should try that. Happy counting and writing three every day!


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