techie bits

Agggh. I can’t access my WordPress account tonight! (If I were paranoid, I’d think someone is attempting to sabotage my little blog marathon. Gasft.) I’m typing this in Google Docs, for pasting onto WordPress later.

Speaking of Google Docs, have you tried using it yet? Google Docs can be a convenient way to do your “office” stuff–creating documents, spreadsheets, or presentations–online! Imagine having your important documents stowed in cyberspace, all ready for you to access and work on wherever there is an Internet connection. You just need a Gmail account, and then you’re good to go. Google Docs comes with a host of features, including an option to share your docs with others, who can edit, comment, or simply view your material. A recent feature of the spreadsheet that I discovered are the forms–quite nifty for doing email surveys and what not. Coolness!

But that’s old news. I bet you already knew about Google Docs.

Since we’re in the turf of techie stuff, may I enjoin all ye who are geeks at heart to click over to this uber-cool site: Fun, fun, fun! (Thanks, Besp, for tipping me about this site! It’s become my daily fare.)

Hey, this seems to me a good-enough post already. I’ll stop writing now, and head over to Lifehacker. See you there?