out of breath

My writing is out of shape.

I fear Facebook and Twitter have made a micro-writer out of me. I may have forever lost the ability to run my proverbial pen beyond 140 characters. When I brace myself for the marathon of an article, journal entry, or blog post, I catch myself gasping for air merely a few sentences into the run, my writing lungs reacting violently to the demands of long-distance writing. My rhythm is awkward, my ideas bumpy. And then I freeze, out of breath, writing legs screaming in pain and telling me they can’t go on another sentence.

This is as far as I go for now. Must practice, so I can sprint again.


  1. hoist. kung alam mo lang, there is beauty in being able to express thoughts in short paragraphs. i’ve always admired people who were able to write short, but the message is powerful. i guess don’t be afraid of your ‘shortness’ of breath. hihi.. only the intelligent and brilliant are able to write short, but talk big. at mejo ganun naman kaw, leks. para sa akin. naks. hehehehe. ^^


  2. at least you are starting to write again… i really miss reading your blog… hehehe 🙂 kasi naman i am now so “tamad” in writing my own thoughts kaya i am writing vicariously through you (if ever there is such a thing)…


    1. Thanks for the encouragement, Ate Lou 🙂 But I will not take part in your excuse for not writing! Haha… You should write, no matter how painful the process might be 🙂 No vicarious writing 😀 I definitely want to read what you will write 🙂 How about starting a blog now? Serious. By the way, Daphne enjoyed meeting you 🙂 Thanks for making her feel welcome.


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