me in sevens

Seven things that scare me…
(What a way to start! Hmm…)
1. Mannequins used to scare me as a kid. Not anymore 😉
2. Telling someone the truth which I know would hurt them. (Ok, I’m scared that they’d hurt me too – as in beat me up! Haha.)
3. Getting lost in the middle of nowhere. (If you had my poor sense of direction, you’d be scared too 🙂
4. The prospect of missing out on God’s purposes for me.
5. Not being able to be the best I can be.
6. Not being able to express my love for someone.
7. Waking up one day and realizing that I let her slip by.

Seven things I like the most…
1. Making people laugh.
2. Sleeping in until my head throbs.
3. Curling up with a good book on a cloudy day.
4. Honest one-on-one conversations over coffee.
5. Singing! I still can’t figure out why not everyone breaks out into song whenever they get the urge to. I am of the conviction that when a song visits you, you should graciously oblige it with an impromptu rendition.
6. Early mornings when everything is slow, silent, and shadowy. (I know, this conflicts with No. 2. Oh well.)
7. Being in transit – traveling on a bus, plane, ship – but not rushing to arrive. Most times, traveling to a place is more fun for me than actually arriving there.

Seven important things in my room…
(Hmm… looking around…)
1. Kierk, my computer 🙂
2. My sofa bed.
3. My contact lens lubricant.
4. The pile of books under my desk.
5. My two fluffy pillows – hard to sleep with just one pillow.
6. The A-Files *wink*
7. Miscellaneous mementos littered everywhere

Seven random facts about me…
1. It’s very uncomfortable for me to sleep lying on my left side. Hard to breathe.
2. I get irritated – dunno why – when people make audible slurps while taking their soup or hot drink.
3. I have arthritis.
4. I feel I won’t live past 40.
5. I talk faster than I think.
6. I can be sincerly silly and sincerely serious in a snap.
7. I used to have 6 moles on my face – that was when I could still count them, before the oil glands revolted and gave rise to hideous zits. Gross.

Seven things i plan to do before i die…
1. Plan what I want to do before I die. Hehe.
2. Sweep her off her unassuming feet. Hopefully I don’t die soon thereafter 😉
3. Travel, travel, travel.
4. Get published.
5. Have a family and raise sillyserious kids.
6. Get involved in a cause that will consume me.
7. Experience a growing intimacy with God that the next best thing would be seeing Him face to face.

Seven things I can do…
1. Draw. But that hasn’t been put to test of late.
2. Speak in front of people, but I don’t promise to make sense all the time. Hehe.
3. Flare my nose. Not everyone can do this!
4. Pretend like I know how to swim 😉
5. Sleep for hours on end.
6. Survive a dirty room for three years tops – yaks!
7. Be what God has made me to be – for that is the only guy I can be, nothing more and – by His grace – nothing less 🙂

Seven things I can’t do… (for now, at least)
1. Dance. Pramis.
2. Cook. I tried but decided it isn’t my thing.
3. Not sing for a full day.
4. Wake up early enough to jog.
5. Tread water.
6. Keep a straight face when I think of something funny.
7. Play basketball.

Seven things that attract me to the opposite sex…
(Ahihihi… Syowbiz!)
1. The sound of her laughter.
2. Strength of character that shows itself in her calm confidence.
3. Eyes… (yebah!)
4. Kindness and a refreshing tenderness.
5. Wit and sense, can hold her own in a conversation
6. Smile 🙂
7. An infectious faith in God.

Seven things I say the most…
1. “Gudlak!” – means “I don’t want to be in your shoes!”
2. “Boink!” or “Boinksters!” – anything that is surprising or requires a sound effect
3. “Sa presinto ka na magpaliwanag.” – best delivered after someone’s lengthy explanation/excuse
4. “Ngye!” – a general expression of disbelief or surprise, usually negative
5. “Pramis” – to express conviction or signify a superlative (as in, “Pogi me. Pramis!”)
6. “Dizizit!” – for situations that are extreme in nature (e.g. before pouring the first tabo of cold bath water on a chilly morning)
7. “Wag po… wag po…” It’s not what you think.

Seven celeb crushes…
1. Kristen Kruek
2. Keira Knightley
3. Toni Gonzaga
4. Jessica Biel
5. Angelina Jollie
6. KC Concepcion
7. Pokwang (haha!)

Seven people I want to take this quiz…
Aside from the Tropang Kape,
1. Besp
2. Genebebs
3. Bengsky
4. Gelowksi
5. CheloyCunanan
6. Polaris
7. Pamsilog/Pamski/Pamelot

There you go, Bijoi 🙂 Mission accomplished. Whew…


  1. bisi-bisihan lang yan, gen. hehe. will wait for ur post of sevens 🙂 kung busy talaga, kahit fives. lupet pala ng bubuyog.


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