‘one little two little three…’


Pinoy household has more gadgets than Indians

Is it just me, or is there something, er, odd about this headline? Hmm…

I don’t know about your household, but I thought I’d check mine. Three computers (one is a dead desktop), one or two portable audio players, cellphones (of course), a TV set with a busted DVD player, a stereo component gathering dust…

Searched under the bed, in the closets, in the toilet, under my pile of dirty laundry…

Nope, no Indians there.


  1. HAHAHAHA. Nice!!
    I will have to do my own checking later when I get home. You never know.

    so. did u find any indians, blissfuldrifter? 🙂 sillyserious


  2. Maybe he means we have more bows, arrows, feather headdresses and axeheads than Indians??? Ano ba yan…am itching to read the article to get clues for the reason behind this headline…

    hahaha! click on the link i posted in my reply to swipe 😉 🙂 sillyserious


  3. hahaha. yung indian ba yun yung mga hindi sumisipot sa pinag-usapang lakad? ….. aba wala ngang sense kung yun ang meaning nun. BWHAHAHAHA.

    nakakasakit ka na ah! hahaha! 🙂 sillyserious


  4. Haha. Okaaay. I didnt get that one at first. I was like, UH, OKAY, WHATS WRONG? (And to think I was a proofreader, nyanyanya)
    Good laugh, kuya aleks. Ayus.

    hehehe.. now we understand how that could have slipped the paper’s editors’ eyes 😉 sillyserious


  5. hi kuya alex, junette here. were you referring to the other meaning “indian” could give (american indian) or is there something racist/insensitive with the statement (as in calling indians bombay)?

    i monitor the news kasi, i just might suggest this 🙂

    thanks po 🙂


  6. or does “count them and be surprised” actually refer to the counting indians song? hmm. bad mix-up. this just might come out in the philippine journalism review reports, if it passes our publication’s jeer standards.
    thanks ulit for the lead

    hi junette! well, the article was really about pinoy households having more gadgets than indian (as in residents of india) households 🙂 click on the link in my reply to swipe. the headline was just a bit awkward and funny (at least to me) 😉 i think the headline could have been written better… sillyserious


  7. yep, read the article po. was wondering if there was a racist/discriminatory angle i could have missed 🙂 super thanks po 🙂
    kuya, i linked your blog to mine. [magpapaalam po sana ako ngayon then i realized i already linked it so might as well confess :D]

    no problemo, junette! 🙂 sillyserious


  8. did you check in the toilet? sometimes they lurk there… hahahaha. 😉 🙂

    are u speaking from experience? 🙂 hehe. sillyserious


  9. now that you mentioned it…hehe, i’m not looking inside the deepest, darkest places inside my closet…

    don’t look too deep! u might find things more appalling! hehe 😀 sillyserious


  10. liks! hahahahaha!
    naa gihapon imong magic.

    joyyyy! salamat 🙂 the encouragement is well-timed. hope you and lem are well there in japan… sillyserious


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