blame the iPod

I once told a blogger friend that the silences in between blog posts are more often than not pregnant. While the public blog isn’t updated, maybe the private journal is being filled up page after page. Or maybe the heart and mind are wrestling with too many wild creatures, none of which tame enough to take the form of a blog post or anything written…

Or maybe there’s a new gadget that preoccupies the blogger? 🙂

Okay, that last reason would be mine.

Friday night last week, during a moment of weakness and techie vulnerability, I got myself an iPod Classic 80GB. Never mind that I might have impoverished myself with this pleasure purchase. It’s December, and I simply summoned Christmas morning to come earlier for this oversized kid. Pure geek bliss washed over me when I opened the box (Apple’s packaging is truly spell-binding!). Then, running my thumb around the click wheel, I’m sure my heart skipped a beat. It’s amazing how Apple products are so intuitive there’s hardly any need to read the manual to get started.

After updating to iTunes 7.5, I was nibbling impatiently on a fingernail, eyes transfixed at the progress bar as songs were loaded onto the iPod… What? Just 8GB worth of songs? Pathetic collection size! I need more songs!

The next few nights were spent figuring out how to convert and load videos onto the iPod. I scoured the net and tried out some cool applications: Videodora, Floola, and DVD Video Converter. (Anyone recommend other cool iPod apps? Do share!)

Then I plunged into the world of podcasts. I subscribed to podcasts by Ravi Zacharias, John Piper, National Geographic (nice tiny productions!), and Scientific American. I’ve never been more excited about commuting to and from work! (Well, not since I first got an iPod shuffle two years ago.)

Okay, I’ll stop gushing. By far though, this has been the happiest blogging silence. So if I don’t post in the next couple of days or weeks, you’ll now I’m happily silent with my new baby.


  1. wow iPod! Anyone who have one would start raving like what you did, hehe. Who won’t? iPod makers are sheer geniuses. kaya lang ingat lang sa paglabas sa madla, mainit sa mata ng holdaper yan. :p

    Oh and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year too Kuya Aleks! 🙂


  2. hey, friends! thanks for sticking it out with me and this blog despite the iPod-induced silence (among other things.) Still chummy with the gadget, but I’m back to blogging again – while the iPod plays music in my background.


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