last day

It’s the last day before the New Year.

I’m one of those who get sentimental and reflective around this time of year. Thank God for markers that remind us to pause and realize that a definite stretch of time is ending and another beginning. So while many are rushing to buy ingredients for their midnight feast, or trooping to the beach, or traveling to be home with loved ones, I take a retreat.

Here I am, the lone customer at the quaint coffee shop that’s just a block and a half away from our house in Davao. I’ve chosen a blended coffee drink with chocolate and mint as my license to overstay in this laptop-user-friendly place with an abundance of extension cords. They’re still playing Christmas songs (now playing: “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”).

Here’s how I see this “retreat” unfolding. I will revisit journal entries, blogs, Facebook status posts, memories, and whatever will give me a big picture of the year that was. I will probably surf the net to read articles from my favorite sites. I will pray, yes, but probably not in a very coherent way as I am wont to go off-tangent in my prayers. Maybe it’s a good idea to write my prayers; but then writing is its own distraction — I might end up worrying about grammar and style more than content and honesty. Anyways, however it gets done, I will pray — here in this little coffee shop corner — in between sipping coffee, in between sentences of writing in my journal, in between thoughts of my beloved…

Today, the last day of 2010, I retreat to “taste and see that the LORD is good.”


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